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Not all investment firms are the same.  In my opinion the idea of a system designed to be low risk and low volatile investing, with the potential of competitive returns over time (5, 10, 15 years plus) is an attractive alternative to the “Buy and Hold” approach and ‘just take your lumps’ investing that has been prevalent for over 60 years.  My focus over the past 10 years is on assisting clients in the area of wealth conservation, wealth preservation, and wealth transfer.  In 2009, my portfolio management philosophy moved to Tactical Asset Management with a system designed to be low risk and low volatility to help reduce clients downside risk.  As a dedicated Fiduciary, I  realize that each client’s needs are unique.  Snyder Financial provides an investment management system designed to create low risk, low volatility portfolios.  We utilize Private Wealth Managers that are defensive in bad times and opportunistic in good times to help keep clients out of harm’s way.  To complement the low risk and low volatility, we also work with moderate risk managers that present additional opportunities for clients to potentially grow their assets.  Thus, we customize solutions to help investors build long-term, risk-managed portfolios to help meet their longevity and portfolio needs.  The Snyder approach strives to reserve and grow wealth across all markets cycles while minimizing losses.  My goal is to secure for my clientele a better financial future over the next 5, 10, or 15 plus years with minimal risk and not go backwards.  Our managers strive to minimize draw-downs and attain competitive rates of return over time.  Special consideration is always given to each client’s specific risk tolerance and investment goals.

We also realize that most investors desire to have a Fiduciary Advisor that is fee based and not commission based.  The future is yours.  Your long term investment future starts today!  The decision to begin investing wisely begins now; and the most important step is to find the financial firm that is a great fit for you.  Let Snyder Financial help you sort through the challenges of all your financial options.  Call us today (703) 327.3354